Friday, April 27, 2007


At some point in 2006 I seem to have lost the ability to become bored. I am able to sit in a quiet place and just be satisfied doing absolutely nothing except watch the world go by. Every moment without worrying about to visas, e-mails, tax declarations, meetings, flight schedules and contracts, is bliss. I went to Zanzibar hoping to rediscover my ability to get bored. I didn’t find it. Instead I found a beautiful island floating in warm Indian Ocean with a mazelike old town, idyllic beaches and great people to keep me company.

Life is good.

On a completely different subject, if anyone wants to do micro-hydro power projects in Rwanda… ;) … this might interest you.


David said...

Maurice, good to hear from you again after such a long pause.

Pretty jealous of you I am.

Olivier said...

Good to read from you again man ! Everything sounds well, that's cool ! Each picture is a dream on a e-postcard, thanks ! Don't forget to give us a call if you land even for a short time at Paris airport. See you ! Be successfull in you projects and go on with boringless destinations !

Maurice said...

Paris. That's in Europe, right? ;)

And you guys are always welcome in Kigali.