Sunday, March 11, 2007


I haven't posted in a while. This is partly because of a battle with a computer virus that managed to destroy my harddrive twice before I won. But now that crisis is over...

On a completely different subject: Over time I have added and removed several links in the sidebar of this blog. Just to explain some of them...

- Farhad Cooper's LiveJournal - Although this guy hasn't updated his journal in ages, he had one of the most interesting starts to his career that I have ever heard of. A former engineering student at Imperial (like me), he then went on to study medicine and traveled/worked in Ghana, the Caucasus and the States before settling back in the UK. His archives from 2005 are pretty interesting reading.
- My Little Univierse - This is my sister's blog. She is doing a masters in Film in Utrecht and is also starting up a film production company.
- Baked Beans on Toast - The blog of David: my roommate at university. A rather odd mathematician, who has settle down to a peaceful family life in the UK. :)
- Cognition - Stephen's site: a renewable energy brother-in-arms in South Africa. One of the things I appreciated most working in the renewable energy sector in South Africa is the energy and creativity of the private sector in a difficult political environment.
- Rwandatales - Aoife: someone who has been in Rwanda too long and is far too sane for development assistance work. If you don't become cynical working in development assistance, then you're probably just naive.
- Vom Wind Getragen - A cyclist who has been on the road in Africa for about a year. He stayed at our house on his way from Kampala to the Congo.
- Jared's blog - An interesting guy, relatively new to Rwanda, who has started up an NGO that supports former prostitutes.

And to finish this post, a picture that has very little to do with anything at all. This is my windows wallpaper: Wenchi Crater in Ethiopia, where I was in January.


Scott said...

You have a sister Maurice? And I thought I knew you! Thanks for the links, I'll have to check these out (sometimes it can be tough to find decent sites on this interweb we have)- and the pic is great- you'll have to let me know what you thought of Ethiopia.

David said...

Thanks Maurice.

Odd? I could take boring or something else, but odd?

Hardly a day goes by when I fail to regale stories from my time at university and my great room mate Maurice.

Maurice said...

sorry david, I just couldn't find a word to sum you up ;)

on Ethiopia... I think that could be a long post, and I know too little about the country to make real judgements. It is a beautiful country (from what I've seen) with an amazing history. It is also the development community's moral dilemma: an aggressive dictatorship that can rely on seemingly endless flows of foreign aid.

Go figure.

Bloggar said...

sweetie...I never expected a complementary discription... being described by you as sane complementary or not??

(btw I described my british mathematician flatmate as "eccentric" on my website)