Saturday, July 01, 2006

One more week in Germany

My posessions are packed into 19 boxes and I'm more than ready to finally leave Germany. I'm also looking forward to having a permanent home again in Rwanda for a while.

My new GTZ contract officially begins today, so next week I will be at the head office near Frankfurt for a week of introductory presentations, contractual issues and meetings. Then in 8 days, I will at long last fly out to Kigali.

For those of you who still haven't figured out where Rwanda is, these maps are for you :-)

One great tragedy is that my flight is on the evening of the world cup final. That was some VERY bad planning on my part!


Anonymous said...

Since you are unable to see the final, let's hope Germany will make it to the 3rd 4th place one... ;-)

Maurice said...

Oh these Italians... They cry every time the game gets a little rough, or someone shoots the ball too hard ;-)

Congratulations on winning the semi-final!

Maurice in Eschborn

MikeyDean said...

Hi Maurice,

How goes it? You looking forward to Rwanda, I know a couple of guys who have been to Kingali (safe enough)

Sorry to hear that Germany are out of the world cup. Then again, its only soccer!, Western Province are playing Bulls (Pretoria) today in the currie cup, lekker.

I'm busy renovating this old house, so will not on the continent for a while. Let me know when you are visiting Munich though, as i have a klm voucher i need to use (Biergartens?!)

Have a good one, and remember, if anyone tries to mug you, just say "NO".


Maurice said...

Hi Mike,

I finally arrived in Kigali on the weekend, and I am now sitting in the office, trying to figure out how I´m going to get through this mountain of reading material.

My first impression is that Kigali is a pretty cool place. A very busy city, but quite safe. And alot more "real Africa" than S.A..

Have to see about Munich. Next stop looks more likely to be Frankfurt, but I loved Munich, and will try to get back there as often as possible.

Are you actually following SA soccer?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mo,

Frankfurt sounds great :-) Will be back in the Rhein-Main-Area next month. Perhaps there will be a chance to meet each other next time. you are in Frankfurt.
Wish you a great time in Kigali.

Maurice said...

Thanks Pati. I just have to think good reason why the head office needs me ;-) Alternatively, you could just jump on a plane and head down to Rwanda. Come any time. It's always summer here...

Hans H Andreae said...

Hallo Maurice,
gut zu sehen wie es Dir ergangen ist. Scheint ja ein interessantes GTZ Projekt zu sein. Wie lange geht so ein Vertrag ?


Hans H. Andreae

Maurice said...

My contract is 4 years. But that is long for GTZ.