Monday, June 19, 2006

Addis Ababa

In Addis (see photo) I had a meeting about a possible job in Rwanda. In a rather surprising turn in my life, I now have a job in Rwanda, starting on the 1st July (contract to be signed in the next weeks). It was an offer too good to let pass. I will be working on setting up village electricity grids using small-scale hydro. Now I am back in Munich, trying to sort everything out in time for my move to Kigali. Life is hectic, but I'm looking forward to the new job and new country.


Nina said...

So I'll be filming in Ruanda?

Maurice said...

Let me get there first. :-)

Mikey Dean said...

Hi Maurice,

How goes it? I laughed when i read about how you were threatened in the Biz district, CT! Just say no!

So ur leaving Die Eikestaad? Be hell of an adventure up in Rwanda, (prob no worse than Hillbrow, or taking a wrong turn into Langa at night!) I've emailed you the baby baboon attack photo. Lekker.


Maurice said...

Thanks Mike. I'm bettung on life actually being safer in Ruanda than in S.A. Let's see...
I was sorry to leave Stellenbosch though. It was a lekker life there.