Monday, October 29, 2007

Financial mess real reason Umuseso had to close down

On the 23, October, 2007, Rwanda Independent Media Group (Rimeg) suspended its publications indefinitely.

The evil Rimeg published the only government-critical newspapers in Rwanda : Umuseso and Newsline. Such anti-government trash papers only reinforce my unliberal views that many of you know me for, and lead me to consider even harsher controls on the press. For example, I fully support a recent government request to all government officials to cease placing advertising in the Umuseso. This is a great way to punish those evil journalists, because government advertising makes up a huge part of newspaper revenues in Rwanda.

The patriotic Focus newspaper today said:

"...Rimeg ceased publishing their newspapers because they felt intimidated by the government... . There are those who were taken in by the claims ... such as some gullible members of the public who only ever read the generally spurious content of Umuseso or Newsline .... And of course there are those who are always ready to believe the Umuseso gentlemen because that is what they prefer to do - an example being international media rights organisations such as Reporters Without Borders.
I asked myself, does the [Rimeg reporter's] highly inflated sense of self-importance - no doubt grown from all those years of adulation from international media and human rights groups, diplomats in Kigali and some local readers of his publications - now make him imagine the Head of State is desperate to silence him ... ?" (Quoted from the front page article of today's Focus newspaper.)

Today I add to my personal "Axis of Evil" the following: Reporters Without Borders, international media, human rights groups and Kigali diplomats.

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