Saturday, March 11, 2006

Going South...

Hi people,

This is a small experiment with this new technology. Hopefully this will allow me to keep some of you people back in Europe informed about my travels and adventures in South Africa.

For those of you who don't know, I'm heading off to Cape Town on Tuesday to start on a 3-month assignement. It all looks very promising: beautiful country, great city, interesting work. But there is also still alot that remains to be sorted out- like accomodation.

I'll be working with a renewable energy company down there- helping with various tasks- but also with running a local office of an international renewable energy network.

Incidentally, I am also escaping a relapse of winter in Munich (see picture), for which Cape Town is perfect (it is late summer down there). The pictures further down the page are from my visit there in January (which was clearly successful from a professional as well as a personal point of view)

More news and pictures to follow soon....


Fabien said...

Hey Maurice,

Great idea with the blogpage. Good luck with finding a place, and of course for your work in Cape Town. Looks like you will have ample opportunity to show off your exquisite project-management skills!!

Stay green.


Pati said...

Hi Mo,

könnte zwar auch auf englisch schreiben, mache es aber trotzdem auf deutsch :-)

Ist aber trotzdem eine gute Idee. Ich hoffe, dass demnächst dann noch mehr Bilder von SA zu sehen sind.


Vahan said...

Hello Maurice. I am really happy that finally you have your own, cool page about your adventures.
It's a great pleasure for me to see such a friendly face, like yours online. I wish you an interesting and safe trip. I hope that there you will come closer to reaching your Main Goal. Have a nice time and take care.


Nina said...

good, at least this way I get to know what you're up never call...;)
Have fun and Good luck!

Dein Schwesterchen

P.s. I have placed a link on my page to this one.

Alex Delarge said...

Yo yo yo motherfucker!
You're going to Africa already? Well colour me surprised. And you have your very own web page, and what a load of fine and godly computer boffinry it represents! Are you comming back in three months? Well, have as much fun as you can without getting raped or Aids, both of which, I've heard, are worth avoiding.

Steve said...

Maurice you successful bastard. Here I am trying to follw the middle path and you slap me round the face with images of your success. Why can't you live somewhere more down to earth like dudley?

Looks amazing tho...after winter in uk even seeing the sunlight on a picture makes me wonder what the hell I am doing here....

over and out.


sara & walter bucher-schwendeler said...

hallo maurice

viel glück und erfolg in südafrika !

sara und walter bucher-schwendeler

sara & walter bucher-schwendeler said...
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Mike Dean said...

How goes it? Please pass copyright payment for the excellent Boulders beach photo asap.

Are you interested in purchasing another photo of a baboon attacking a car?


MD (fellow passenger in the Langa wrong-turn incident)

Maurice said...

The "baboon atacking car" photo does indeed sound interesting. I also have one in fact, but since he was atacking your side of the car, I think you might have got the better angle.

I managed to top the wrong-turn-into-Langa, with getting off a bus in Khayelitsha. Luckily I was there with a local though (and it wasn't the middle of the night).


Dima said...

Hey Maurice!!

Nice page and very amazing pictures!
Wish you good luck with your job in South Africa and have a nice time!